Anonymous said,
    Hi you're cute. /.\

    Aw thank you. Who is thiiiiis?

    2 days ago

    Ugh I’m so lonely

      2 days ago
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        personal, follow back (sigo de volta) x

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          Girls are trained to say, ‘I wrote this, but it’s probably really stupid.’ Well, no, you wouldn’t write a novel if you thought it was really stupid. Men are much more comfortable going, ‘I wrote this book because I have a unique perspective that the world needs to hear.’ Girls are taught from the age of seven that if you get a compliment, you don’t go, ‘Thank you’, you go, ‘No, you’re insane.’
          — Lena Dunham, in an interview with The Guardian  (via seulray)

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              see that girl you just called a lesbian? is she? can you help me get her number?

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                I can’t look at myself without wishing I looked like someone else
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                  I think too much. I think ahead. I think behind. I think sideways. I think it all. If it exists, I’ve fucking thought of it.
                  — Winona Ryder (via gothics)

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                      Anonymous said,
                      If he wante d you back would u wanna be with him?

                      I don’t know.

                      3 days ago
                        Anonymous said,
                        That anon should leave you alone. If you wanted to be with your ex you would be.


                        3 days ago
                          Anonymous said,
                          What if ur wrong?

                          I’m not

                          3 days ago
                          Cute Pink Kaoani